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dr-steven-mobley-salt-lake-cityOtoplasty, also called ear pinning, is an outpatient surgery that reshapes the cartilage of the ear to allow it to rest closer to the head for a more natural look. Choosing the right Otoplasty surgeon is especially important because this surgery is frequently performed on young patients. Parents can rest assured that their children are in excellent hands with Dr. Mobley and his staff, all expertly trained for the safe and compassionate care of pediatric patients. Dr. Mobley has a particular interest in ear pinning surgery as he underwent Otoplasty himself as a child, and his personal experience shows through in the care he takes to ensure patient comfort and the best outcome possible in each and every ear pinning surgery he performs.

Reasons For Otoplasty Surgery

You may decide to have cosmetic ear surgery because you feel your ears stick out or are larger than you wish. Some of the reasons for reshaping the ear include:

  • Protruding ears
  • Prominent ears
  • Ear reshaping
  • Less common “lop ear” deformities

During your consultation, Dr. Mobley will work with you to determine the right size and position of your ears for the best results possible.

The Mobley Foundation

Dr. Mobley brings a unique empathy to those who suffer from large and protruding ears as he has also had Otoplasty surgery when he was a child, and knows first hand the frustration of being teased as well as the pure joy and relief that occur following Otoplasty. He has made it his personal mission to eliminate the insecurities felt by children with larger ears by forming the Mobley Foundation to Charitable Surgery.

The Mobley Difference


Each year, Dr. Mobley performs an average of fourteen times the number of otoplasties than most other plastic surgeons across the nation. He is a national authority on otoplasty and has authored several important book chapters as well as lectured on the topic of otoplasty multiple times nationally.

Dr. Mobley has made ear pinning surgery one of the key operations of his practice, bringing over a decade of experience to the many children and adults who seek him out for their procedures. Among numerous other publications on the subject, he authored the chapters on Otoplasty surgery in the 5th edition of Bailey’s Otolaryngology and the 6th edition of Cummings Otolaryngology (two foundational key textbooks used in surgical training and teaching).

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Dr. Mobley is a very talented facial surgeon and has done exceptionally good work on my patients over the past eight years. I tell my patients that if I ever require facial surgery, Dr. Mobley will be doing it.
Glen Bowen, M.D.Associate Professor of Dermatology of Hunstman Cancer Institute
I am writing to let you know how much you contributed to the success of my recent surgery. You are all consummate professionals whose genuine care for patients is obvious. Whether it was simply the prompt return of a phone call, your kindness and consideration made my "experience" much less stressful. Thank you. Dr. Mobley.
Carrie R.Cosmetic Surgery Patient of Dr. Steven Mobley
Dear Steven, You've done fantastic work achieving the 99th percentile on patient satisfaction over the last year. This places you among top scoring docs and providers nationally. Thanks for giving both great care and an exceptional experience to your patients.
Tom Miller, MDChief Medical Officer of University Of Utah Hospital
Hello Dr. Mobley, Thanks for all you have done for me throughout this whole experience. My nose is healing well and looking better everyday. I'm really happy with my new appearance and I can breathe better too!
S.K.Rhinoplasty Patient of Dr. Steven Mobley